Unpainted Ceramic Turtle Figurine

Unpainted Ceramic Turtle Figurine This  adorable unpainted ceramic turtle figurine will be so much fun to paint!  This turtle statue is made of ceramic bisque and will add so much to your turtle decor.  He is available in my Etsy … Continue reading “Unpainted Ceramic Turtle Figurine”

Ceramics to Paint / Angel Figurines

One of my first loves in ceramics was angel figurines, including traditional angels, cherubs, and now my animal angel statues.  Since I’ve had such a positive response to the addition of Ceramic Bisque to my Etsy shop, Ive decided to … Continue reading “Ceramics to Paint / Angel Figurines”

New Opportunity with Jill’s Treasure Chest at Etsy

I have enjoyed painting and glazing my ceramic pieces so much over the years, that I’ve decided to share this opportunity with my customers and friends.  So several months ago I began adding a small number of listings in my … Continue reading “New Opportunity with Jill’s Treasure Chest at Etsy”