To Hustle or Not To Hustle

There are lots of people who go through life with a job and steady pay check. Everything looks great, until something in their job changes. Then they are left out of luck, with no income, possibly very little savings.   … Continue reading “To Hustle or Not To Hustle”

Getting Married in Your Sixties

My life is about to make some big changes.  I know, everyone’s life changes all the time.  These feel like really big changes. I’ll be getting married in just under three weeks.  It’s a wonderful thing, and I never thought … Continue reading “Getting Married in Your Sixties”

Enchantments Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box

My daughters, particularly my oldest daughter, loved unicorns when they were little.  I guess some of us still wonder about magical creatures, but the stories about unicorns appearing to the innocent, especially innocent young women, encourage wonder about the unicorns, … Continue reading “Enchantments Unicorn Musical Jewelry Box”