To Hustle or Not To Hustle

There are lots of people who go through life with a job and steady pay check. Everything looks great, until something in their job changes. Then they are left out of luck, with no income, possibly very little savings.   In fact this happened recently to several people I know in the health care field.

Having a side hustle, or side gig is a great way to add a little, or a lot, of extra money while exploring an area that is more akin to your personal passion, without giving up your full time job and income.  And there are several extra added benefits.

Forbes states that one of the best things about a side hustle is the opportunities that come to you.  By broadening your activities, you meet new people and can develop friendships that last a life time.  I have found this to be true with my side businesses.  And you may develop skills that make you more desirable to other companies to further your career.  In fact, the company you currently work for may take realize how much more valuable you are to them.

A side hustle may give you more flexibility financially to create the lifestyle you want for yourself and your family.  Extra money could make it possible to take a vacation, pay for those music or dance lessons, or athletic equipment your kids want, or pay off some debt.  Or for a massage of nice dinner for yourself or significant other.  And having a side gig gives you a little extra security in case of unforeseen career changes.

 You can get a lot of pleasure from the right side hustle if you pick something you really love.  It may not pay much, if anything at first, but if spending time with pets, for example, makes you happy, you could derive a lot of satisfaction from pet sitting, or walking your neighbors’ dogs.  If you love cosmetics or skin care, there are plenty of companies that would love for you to market their products.  And people can make a good amount of extra money doing it.  In many cases, they can even make enough money doing something they’re passionate about to completely replace their other income.  

Some people have funny ideas about spending money.  You might get congratulated for going into debt to buy a new house or car.  But spend a couple hundred on a side business?  Oh, my, what a risk, they think, even though you usually can make your money back quickly!

I read an article long ago discussing how the one of the best ways to build wealth and security was to have a side business, working for yourself and your own wealth instead of someone else’s wealth.  I believed the author, and have almost always had a side business.  They have not always made much money, but I knew the possibilities were there if I had the need or opportunity to pursue them further.

There are lots of side hustles out there.  You could perform a service for people, like shopping, pet care, being a virtual assistant.  You could sign up for a direct sales or social marketing company.  If you are artistic, you might want to create things and sell in an online shop or at local craft shows.  You could learn to copy write or start a blog.  The possibilities are endless, and I’m sure you can find something you love! 

And my friends who lost their jobs recently.  One of them has a side gig she is fairly successful with .  I don’t know that it completely replaced her job, but she’s the one I have the most confidence in regarding her ability for a come back.

You can get into a lucrative side business for a small start up fee. Here’s one to look at.



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