Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

I am totally thinking about getting this.  It’s a good price, and with 4 dogs and 1 cat who sheds constantly, I need something that is good at cleaning pet hair.  I have ceramic tile floors.  We love to work in the yard, and between us and the dogs, we bring in a lot of dirt.  I work full time, and it is often a challenge to keep the house as clean as I would like it to be.

I also considered getting the version that can mop.  It seems like a nice feature, but I’m thinking if I could have more of the sweeping done, I would just mop on my own.  But I might enjoy having the mopping feature.  I don’t know anyone who has this, or any other robotic cleaner that can mop, so I don’t have anyone to ask about how good a job it can do.

I found this one that also mops and vacuums and has wifi compatibility using Alexa, and an app for iPhones, or Google Assistant.

It’s a little more expensive, but it is rated 5 stars by consumers, and is still considerably less than I Robot Roomba, or other well known brands.

They all have some very cool features.  They all will self dock and charge when they have a low battery,   They all can be programmed to clean according to your schedule!  It’s almost as good as being in 2 places at once when you are working and your robotic vacuum is cleaning the floor!!

I’m thinking one of those will be moving to Texas very soon!  Let me know about your experiences with robotic vacuum cleaners, please!

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