In my job, I drive several hours per day.  One way to make that time more enjoyable is to listen to the radio.  Another is to listen to audio books.  I have an Amazon Prime subscription, and through that I can get a service called Kindle Unlimited.  This service allows one to download up to 10 books for $10 per month, and read, or in my case, listen to these books on my phone in my care.  I should mention that my driving is on country roads, where there is little traffic and generally no complicated situations.

Of course, you can get books for wonderful prices on Amazon without being a Kindle Unlimited member.  They are having a promotion now for 100 books, priced at $3.99 or less.  These books include mysteries, science fiction, fantasy, romance, and young adult.  Many of them have an audio component available.

Kindle apps can be downloaded for your computer, smart phone, or tablet.  Or, you could just purchase a Kindle.

Reading, or listening to an audio book is such a wonderful way to add  something special to your day.


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