How I Practice Gratitude

There are so many things for which to feel grateful.  Sometimes we think about the big things in our lives such as winning a lot of money, having a great date, our children, spouses.  But I have been finding  happiness and gratitude in smaller things.  I love my shower and the hot water streaming down over me.  I love the way the shampoo feels in my hair, and the way the soap feels on my body.  I love the way my bed feels when I crawl into it after a long day.  I am so grateful for the quilts that cover me and keep me warm at night.

I am grateful for my friends and coworkers who love me.  I am grateful that I have comfortable and nice clothes to wear to work.  I am grateful  that I am able to do the dishes, clean the litter box, and do laundry.  I know so many people who would love to be able to do those things.

A minister in a church I belonged to challenged us to stop complaining for 3 weeks.  She suggested turning each complaint into a gratitude.  Grumpiness over having to clean the kitchen then, turns into being grateful to have a kitchen, to have strength to clean it, to have cleaning tools, and gratitude for whatever we cooked that messed the kitchen up.   Having to do laundry turns into the blessings of having clothes to wear, having the means by which to do laundry, possibly having the money to buy soap and having running water, having been able to wear the clothes and get them dirty.

Count your blessings.  Count your gratitudes.

Blessings and Peace,


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