Silken Voice

Jaci Anderson, creator of SilkenVoice describes herself as a pianist/teacher/belly dancer/silk artist living in Autstralia.  She features original belly dance veils, sarongs, scarves, men’s ties, and fabric.

I have never belly danced, but I have always been entranced by the graceful movements and the flowing fabrics swirling around the dancer.
I can imagine myself wearing something like the hand dyed chiffon veil below.
Hand dyed Silk Chiffon Fabric/Veil  I love the bright pink and gray together, and I can imagine how it would feel to have this fabric fall around me as I moved.

This blue-green scarf was made from a silk kimono.  The scarf has been steam fixed to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Red pink mauve blue silk & metal scarf  This scarf has metal in the fabric to give it an added shine and to allow it to scrunch into whatever shape you want it to.

Visit SilkenVoice on Etsy to explore your fantasies in silken fabric.

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