Kelly Makes Rainbows

Kelly describes herself as a Reiki Master and says she has a passion for working with energy.  She has taken up crochet more recently as a creative outlet.

KellyMakesRainbows is based in Austrailia.  She describes her shop as a melting pot of creativity.

Some of Kelly’s listings do showcase her love of energy work and guidance.  This listing is for a reading with her Oracle Cards.

Mermaids & Dolphins Oracle Reading
Reiki Healing - 30 Minute Session Long Distance
She will also do a Long Distance Reiki Healing for those in need.
According to Kelly, Reiki seeks to balance the body, mind and spirit through strengthening the individual’s energy system.

Baby Rainbow Crochet Beanie with Pretty Macadamia FlowerI really like the colors in her Crocheted Baby Beanie.  And the flower makes a lovely accent.

Visit KellyMakesRainbows and see what interesting things you’ll find!

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