Japanese2Please says she’s in love with all things Japanese.  She is an Australian living in Japan with her Japanese husband, and says she loves the culture, the people, the language, the food, and everything else.  It’s where her heart is!  You can see this by looking at her carefully selected stamps and supplies including the fun masking tapes that have become popular in Japan.

Cute Masking Tapes - Strawberries and Blue Striped Funtape Set of 2 Wide and Normal Masking Tapes - 30mm / 15mm x15m This tape can be used to decorate notebooks, photo albums, and to make cards.  It could be used in acrapbooking.

If you are into origami, Japanese2Please has just the thing for you.  Her shop features a section of origami papers, including this one. Origami Paper Pink Flowers Origami Paper With Folding Instructions - New Modern Design ( 20 sheets total )

And if you’re interested in cooking, she has these Bento Cutter and Shaper for food.  It can also be used for clay!
Bento Cutters and Shapers for Food / Clay (4 cutters turtles and rabbits, and one pick)  Cute!!!

You can find lots more at her shop, including sewing supplies, rubber stamps, and more.  This is a great shop to check out!

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