Catbooks1940s says she’s been into vintage for a lot of years.  She’s not saying how many, but that love of vintage extends to clothes, shoes. architecture, and local history.  She is a founding and current member of the Vintage Fashion Guild.  Her shop is filled with lovely clothing from past times.  These items appear to be in impeccable condition and are photographed beautifully.

One of my favorites is this hot pink dress from the 1960’s.
Vintage 60s Mad Men Hot Pink Evening Gown XS S - Beaded Draped Goddess Dress I can almost feel the soft fabric whirling around as I dance!!

Vintage 60s Decoupage Box Purse - Lucite Handle Octagon HandbagI remember purses like these when I was in school in the 1960’s!
This one is features a Victorian Dickensian theme.

I still love these Handkerchief dresses
Vintage LUIS ESTEVEZ Dress - Flame Red Silk Cocktail Party Handkerchief Hem Full Skirt XS  These hemlines have always intrigued me!

Vintage 1940s Hourglass Jacket - Unusual Details Dove Gray Wool Size M  This hourglass jacket is very flattering to wear with a straight skirt!

Check out Catbooks1940’s for your new favorite vintage clothes and accessories.

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