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Judi, owner of PickleBerry Trifles, says that she lives in a world of ideas.  And I believe that to be true.  Judi’s new shop is a wonder of creativity and beauty.  Her popular bib necklaces are unique and lovely.

Flower Bib Statement Necklace in Nostalgic Violet and Mulberry    Flower Bib Statement Necklace, Ruby and Black Sing the Blues Flower Bib Statement Necklace
Flower Bib Statement Necklace     Necklace in Ruby and Black         Sing The Blues Flower Bib

These lovely necklaces would be perfect for holiday wear and would dress up that little black dress to make a stunning ensemble.

Imagine how these gorgeous brooches would make a dress look.
Flower Pin Brooch Corsage, Romantic Coral   Flower Pin, Brooch, Corsage in Turquoise and Teal
Romantic Coral Brooch                   Turquoise and Teal Brooch

And my personal favorite, these lovely earrings.          

Vintage Lace Beaded Earrings, Peacock Wings
Vintage Lace Beaded Earrings

You can also find Judi at Vintage Legacy Studio and Pocket Comfort

Greeting Card, Art Quilt Print, Mixed Media - Trust
Greeting Card Art Quilt Print

You won’t be disappointed when you visit any of Judi’s shops!

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