EMHGraphics is more commonly known to many of us on the BBEST Team as Chauncey!  In Chauncey’s shop, she makes love creations from glass.  In her graphics shops, she designs wonderful banners, avatars, and now, cute mirrors with a printed picture.  These are perfect for bridesmaids gifts, or some other gift when something special is desired, but you want a good price also.

Pocket Mirror - Night Time Flower           Pocket Mirror - A Girl's Best Friend - Diamonds and Chocolate Photograph
Pocket Mirror Night Time                     Pocket Mirror- A Girl’s Best Friend

Wedding Favors,  Bridesmaids Gifts - Set of 10 Personalized Pocket Mirrors , Magnets, Pins, or Bottle openers - Tree of Hearts

This is a set of 10 mirrors.

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  1. I absolutely love the mirrors and their designs – totally great idea for party gifts or just a little something for those Christmas stockings. I had already marked them as a favorite – and of course – being Chauncey's work makes them even more special!!!!

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