Almost Christmas


It’s almost Christmas.  Isn’t it interesting how our perspective on holidays changes as we get older?  I remember being a little girl, waiting eagerly for presents and Santa Clause.  Waiting to see family members we only saw during holidays.  I remember my father coming in to tell us that Santa was just down the street and we’d better get to sleep or he would pass us by.  Now really, what kid could sleep with all that excitement?

Then I was the mother, decorating the tree and shopping for presents for my own children, and my family of origin.  I remember when my girls were small, I could take them to the toy store with me and get their presents, because they’d never remember what I’d gotten.  I remember my husband and I staying up late to place items in the stocking, and Santa’s presents under the tree.  I remember lying in bed listening to children sneak out of their rooms to see what Santa had brought them.

I’m pretty sure they knew early on who Santa was, but we played the game and when they asked me, I told them Santa was the spirit of love and giving that lives in all of us.

Now 2 of my children have moved away and married.  I have one teenage son at home and no husband. My son is only excited that he’s off school, and that he’ll get some things, hopefully money, for Christmas, so he can buy what he wants.  Part of Christmas is that my coworkers with small children will be off, and I’ll be working with less assistance.  Part of it means there are lots of parties to go to with the man I’m dating. That part is fun!   

There is not that same feeling of anticipation  and magic that there once was.  I won’t have any extra relatives here for the holidays, and my friends will be busy with their families.  My son will probably stay in his room with his computer and phone, hoping to hear from his friends, the people who have become more important in his life.

I will take this time at Christmas to reflect on the miracles and happiness of the year, as well as the sadder things that have happened.  And I will be thankful for each as they can make me into the best person I can be. I will take time to decide which directions to take in the new year, and how best to accomplish my goals.

Father/Mother God, thank you for my friends and family, for the bad and good things in life, and for the lessons they teach.

Blessings and Peace,

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