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I have had the pleasure of associating with a wonderful group of Etsy sellers who post in the More Meaningful Gifts BNR.  Basically, a BNR (Buy and Replace) consists of  a group of people whose names are on a list.  They promote each other and have a lot of fun chatting.  In order to be included on the list, you have to buy from one of the sellers.  Then your name replaces their name and they have to buy from someone in order to get back on.  And so it goes.  And it’s gone for 2 years now with the Most Meaningful Gifts BNR.

This group was started by a lady named Dorana.  She has a lovely shop with her designer gemstone and sterling silver jewelry.
I love the colors in this bracelet.

Ulixis Crafts  is another active member of MMG who sells beaded jewelry.
I love the pattern on these beads.  She has an amazing assortment of jewelry.

MooreTaste is a jewelry creator from Australia who does lovely metal work.  I can imagine her hammering metal to get just the right texture for a piece.
Kara Lennox is one of the original members of MMG, and the person who originally told me about the group.  She has fun crocheted jewelry and notebook necklaces, ACEO’s and more.

Galla15  has gorgeous jewelry in her shop.  I’m partial to her rings, and am the happy owner of one of them.
I love the way she wraps the wire around the crystal.  Her rings are delicate and lovely.

There are more jewelers in this group, and artists of all kinds.  To check them out, visit this thread on Etsy.

Blessings and Peace

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