Sensational Sunday

Sundays are made for the wonderful, beautiful, sensational things around us.  I am always struck by the beauty around me in the world, and I go out of the way to look for beautiful things.  Here are some sensational things from some of my friends on Etsy.

“Got Carrots” is one of my favorite paintings from YankeeGirl’s Watercolor & Photography.  I love the way this little horse is looking over the fence.

I can just imagine the way his lips would gently take the carrot from my hand!!

Moon, Dream Catcher, and Wolf” is a lovely digitally created piece by Van Street Design.  She describes the Native American traditions regarding dreams, the wolf, and the moon.  The colors are gorgeous!
Nature in Pastels is another wonderful artist.  Her flowers and scenes look so soft and delicate.  I especially love this Blue Hibiscus.  Do you remember drawing with those pastel chalks in school?  Nothing I did looked remotely like her work.
“Standing Watch” is part of Fauve Studio’s tree series.  This piece is done in water colors, which I have a weakness for.  Trees seem so wise to me, and I wonder what they would tell if they could speak.  This tree has some lovely Fall colors, making me anticipate cooler weather.

These artists are a few members of the BBEST Team on Etsy.  Our team has lots of talented individuals.  Look for beauty by searching for Bbest Team.

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  1. Oh, Jill, what a nice surprise!!! Thanks for the nice words and for including my little horse in your blog feature. We sure do have some talented people on our team.

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