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Someone once said that you tell a lot about a people by looking at their pottery. Pottery can survive extreme heat such as from a fire or a volcano. Pottery shards can be found after an earthquake or other natural disaster. Pottery has been around since earliest reported history.

Some of you know that I have been learning to throw pots on the wheel with mixed success.
I can melt a handful of clay on a wheel very quickly. I admire some of my Etsy friends from the Boomers and Beyond Etsy Street Team and the Wild, Wise, and Witty Grandmamas who make beautiful pots. It’s amazing to me that they all have different styles, yet they all create wonderful pottery items.
One of my team mates is Graciela Lynt of Glynt Pottery. She is a member of the WWWG Team who specializes in stoneware. Imagine using this relish dish at one of your parties.
Judy Nevius of JN Pottery is another talented member of WWWG. She uses stoneware and porcelain for most of her creations and is very imaginative in what she creates. I confess I hadn’t thought of anything like this twine or small yarn bell she has for sale in her shop.
Carole Fox of FoxPots is a newer member of WWWG. She uses stoneware for many of her creations and makes a lot of handbuilt pieces as well as wheel thrown pieces. Feast your eyes on this.
Pearl of FehuStoneware is an extremely talented potter and a member of Bbest. She had made videos of herself throwing things on the wheel and makes it look so easy!! Pearl uses a lot of porcelain and stoneware with Raku as well as traditional food safe glazes. I love this tea trinket storage jar.
Ceci Lindo is another member of Bbest. Her work in ArtsieLady is filled with color and texture. She uses the pottery wheel for some pieces and hand builds others. She uses both Raku and traditional food safe glazes in her work. This is one of her newer pieces.
Visit these artists on Etsy. You’ll love browsing through their stores and finding something special for yourself.

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  1. Beautiful items…this is something I've always wanted to do but I just don't have enough time to do it all…so I shall just look and admire.

  2. Jill! Congratulations on your great progress at the wheel! I hope you're well and enjoying the spring and summer. I really appreciate you mentioning my work on your blog!


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