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I want to feature one of my good friends in Texas today. Her name is Judy Parnell and I met her when I had a gift shop in Liberty Hill, Texas. Judy was crafting beautiful ceramic items at the time, and wanted to put some of them in my shop on consignment. I agreed, of course, and we became friends. She was one of the people who helped me along with my own ceramic art. She still works with ceramics, selling unpainted bisque, greenware, and supplies, but her new focus is on designing and creating beautiful jewelry.

Tome Fromme is Judy’s new line. “As an Artist it is my wish that every woman take cue from the name of this jewelry line … separate the letters and you will see what my message is. Kindness starts from within so please be kind to yourself and everything else will fall into place.” I think the idea is perfect, and certainly one of the lessons I’ve needed to learn for myself.

This is item number 115 and is dichroic glass wrapped with wire.. Her pendants are all wrapped with 14 k gold filled, sterling silver, or copper wire. “The focal point in each piece can be as diverse as your imagination. Some pieces are stone or shell — some are dychroic glass, gems, minerals or even glazed ceramic.”

Judy’s I Am bracelets show the same insight into what a woman might be thinking. “The idea of the “Iam Bracelets” came about one day when I realized that sometimes, a women want to make a statement about herself. She may want to tell the world that she is “loved” or that she feels “blessed” – that she is a “Christian” or she is “spoiled”. What better way to make such a statement than wearing it in the form of jewelry.
Then I started to think about the Iam Bracelet line as a gift. What a great way to tell someone that you find them “enchanting” or that they are “appreciated”. A guy could even ask for an exclusive relationship with an I am Bracelet stating “spoken for”.

“The Birthstone Bracelet line was created with love and solidarity in mind. This is a piece of jewelry that shows a connection between two people or between family members. The bracelet shows the world that you are really connected to your loved ones. Each person is depicted in the bracelet by Swarovski Crystals representing their birth month. There is a verse in each box that explains the Birthstone Bracelet to the recipient.”

Visit Judy’s shop at You’ll be glad you took the time. And for your needs in ceramics, visit

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