A little over a year ago, I opened a small online shop at a website called iCraft. I chose to keep it very small and never made a real committment to it like I did my Etsy shop. While my Etsy shop grew and had a few sales, the shop at iCraft stagnated. Recently I recieved an email that changed that.

The email talked about a seller’s bootcamp for iCraft members, especially those of us who haven’t done much with our shops. We are given tasks to do to improve our shops. In response to that, I decided to make more of a committment to this shop and have listed a few more items on it recently.
One of these is a hematite and crystal necklace and matching earrings.
I also added a couple of my wood signs. I’ve always loved making these signs!
Stop by my iCraft shop and look around. And check out the other great shops there also.
Father/Mother God, thank you for the many opportunities You have provided to help me learn and grow.

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