July 4th Weekend

July 4th always gives my cause to reflect on how lucky we are to live in this great nation. While I realize that it is stylish to criticize our country and our President, I would like to take the opportunity to thank my Creator for putting me here where I have the freedom to dream and believe that those dreams have a chance to come true. Not only can I have a career where I am paid for my knowldedge and performance, regardless of my gender, race, or spiritual path, but I can change professions if I choose. At age 50 I went back to school, and no government official came to me to scrutinize what I was doing or if I would actually end up using it.

I am free to follow my own spiritual path, which doesn’t quite fit into any mainstream religion, and I can attend a church of my choosing, or I can choose to seek God in my own way. If this country is taken over by Islamic fundamentalists, I will lose that valuable priviledge.

I am free to speak my mind as long and, as I am courteous and respectful of others, I have no fear of being put in jail because of my opinions. I can agree or disagree with our government’s actions in the present and in the past, and I can voice my ideas on what should be done in the future. I value this priviledge, and honor our government and military for giving that priviledge to those in Iraq who would have been tortured and put to death for such actions.

I am free to wander about without much fear of military or terrorist violence interfering in my activities. Chances are, unless I wander into the wrong part of town, that no one will shoot at me when I leave home. Even if I wander into a more crime filled area of town, there’s a good chance that nothing will happen to me if I am careful. I am thankful to our President and the military for keeping further terrorist attacks out of our country, so I can go where I want.

My prayer is that whoever wins in this next election will be able to keep our country safe and have the courage to do what is necessary for that purpose, even if it is not the popular choice.

Blessings and Peace,

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